Flytime Paragliding

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Come fly the Garden Route with us! It's fun, safe and easy!

Paragliding is weather permitting and we will take our passengers/students only up into the sky if it is safe to fly.

FlyTime Paragliding is a fully licensed and SAHPA (South African Hangliding and Paragliding Acc.) registered school.
Experience a flying lesson with one of our highly qualified tandem rated instructor. The Garden Route is one of the best areas for paragliding in the world. Ideal conditions, from fun dune soaring to more complex thermal flying, makes this event to something unforgettable. Motorised Tandem flights are available.

With a tandem introduction flight you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge taught by a experienced paragliding instructor. For this flight you will sign up as a student, this is the quickest and safest way to gain your first experience.

All paragliding instructors are highly experienced. FlyTime Paragliding is ready to take you up in the sky and let you experience paragliding at its best.

We have several Paragliding flight instructors available for big groups and families.