Garden Route Trail & Coastal walks

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The scope of environmental variation in the Garden Route offers visitors to the region the option of forest, wetland, dune, Fynbos, estuary, riverine, montane and coastal experiences without having to travel vast distances. It is on this foundation of diversity that we have developed our range of guided walks, mountain biking and birding in the Garden Route. The combination of natural variation fused with our passion for nature and our scientific background, has allowed Garden Route Trail to become unsurpassed leaders of informative nature guiding in the Garden Route.

Garden Route Trail and guided nature walks :Wilderness Beach rated by our guests as the most diverse and spectacular coastal walk in South Africa, Garden Route Trail passes through South Africa's southern coastal region of the Western Cape. Known as the Garden Route for it's floral diversity of the Fynbos, the region is a popular destination for hikers looking for back country trekking. Compiled to expose guests to the diverse ecological and natural beauty of the Southern Cape, the itinerary of Garden Route Trail provides in-depth environmental experience complemented with stimulating scenic vistas and rewarding Birding.