Knysna Forest

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Across Africa are only a handful of sheltered, remote pockets of Afromontane forest; all that remains of huge tracts of ancient forest that covered large parts of the continent.

On the Garden Route is one such forest. Knysna Forest (Goudveld, Gouna & Diepwalle) in some places so dense it borders on impenetrable, is a marvelous mix of ancient trees, both local and exotic. Tree ferns, creepers, flowers and the elusive Knysna loerie, its call heard more often than it is seen, are also part of the forest.
The Knysna Forest offers its visitors a combination of relaxation, bird watching, hikes, history, MTB tracks, natural pools, picnic sites & beautiful scenery.

The thick canopy of ironwood, stinkwood, Outeniqua yellowwood, real yellowwood, Cape holly, white pear, wild fig, milkwood, Cape beech, bastard saffron, assegai and kamassi trees covers 568 square kilometres between the Krom River and MosselBay, sprawling across the southern slopes of the Outeniqua Mountains.