Wandu@Ekasi Restaurant

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High up on the hill with a great view, you’ll find a restaurant called Wandu@Ekasi. It is here that Mawande lays on a South African spread fit for royalty.
Meals traditionally include hard porridge (pap), a piquant relish called chakalaka, a selection of barbecued chicken and lamb chops and griddle-baked bread called roosterkoek. Many have wondered: What do Africans eat and what does traditional African food looks like? African foods are plentiful and varied. Rich in dietary fiber and often organic, they present a healthy choice when eaten in the right combination. While you’re feasting, there will be drumming sessions, which you can join at any stage. Mawande then takes you off to a shebeen down on the Uniondale road called Nellie’s Tavern. Here, you can meet the local people, share a drink with them and, if you’re up for it, hit the dance floor.

Bookings essential for Lunch or Dinner: Call Mawande at 082 294 9063