Woodmill Lane

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When Woodmill Lane opened in December 1990 it was envisioned as the first complex in Knysna to stimulate growth and development aimed to offer a retail and social centre for the town’s people, as well as a preferred shopping destination for tourists and vacationers coming to the Garden Route. Woodmill Lane was built on the site of Knysna’s 1919 Sawmill & Timber Factory after it was closed in 1984 and stood derelict for years. This changed when Christopher Harison Edwards (son of Aorea Thesen), a consulting engineer, had the foresight to create a shopping complex, known today as Woodmill Lane. Woodmill Lane now stands in memory of the old town sawmill – the yellowwood roof beams and trusses remain intact, as well as the outer shell of the old buildings with many architectural features still visible. More than 75 shop spaces are housed in Woodmill Lane – from a Pick n Pay to unique boutiques, family-friendly restaurants, galleries, art & craft shops and service providers.